Could be one of the best adverts I have seen in a very long time! http://ping.fm/6IP1Z
Jul 24th
[LIVE] @TheLeetGeeks 80s Flashback Cafe “preshow” - kickoff @ 10pm EST -...
Jul 24th
AirMe (iPhone 3G test): Uploaded with AirMe
Jul 13th
Microsoft Bands TinyURL from its messengering service! - http://ping.fm/UDiXu
Jul 12th
New Blog Post: How to configure your email client to use MobileME email! - http://ping.fm/5P8cS
Jul 12th
Going to head back to sleep.. It’s way to early!!
Jul 12th
Jul 6th
I can’t sleep..
Jul 3rd
Join us: TheLeetGeeks 80’s Flashback Cafe [Live] Only on Ustream.tv - http://ping.fm/q1Xzf